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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. “Non-fungible” means it is completely unique and cannot be replaced with something else. For example, one dollar, or one bitcoin, is “fungible” – it can be traded for another dollar or bitcoin.

An NFT is designed to give you something that can’t be copied. It is a unique proof of ownership over something that is not physically tangible, for example a piece of digital art, a video clip, or a membership.

Like physical coins, NFTs are “minted” (created) using codes that is written and permanently published onto a blockchain, such as Ethereum.

What is the BF&A NFT?

The BF&A NFT is a digital asset that represents your unique membership in the BF&A community. Each NFT has, attached, redeemable benefits that are exclusively available to those that own the token. 

Participants are invited to register their interest to own ONE of a limited edition of minted NFTs available. 

Only 1 Diamond Tier, up to 15 Platinum Tier, and up to 50 Family Tier NFTs will be minted in this release. Each NFT is redeemable for a membership in BF&A’s community, with special rights assigned to each membership tier, including fee discounts, priority access to world-class investment opportunities and allocations, opportunities to meet and mingle with the best minds in the investment universe, and unique experiences. 

The top Diamond NFT holder will be able to benefit from a completely tailored financial concierge experience with unfettered access to investment knowledge, experience and opportunities. 

Who is BF&A?

BF&A is a leading investment management and advisory business focused on leveraging family office intelligence to capture the opportunity between Australia and China.

Our unique model challenges existing financial management paradigms by focusing on building a community of like-minded and skilled investors, advisors and families.  We work closely with our community to deliver outperformance and better decision-making opportunities for our members.

Who is ARC?

ARC is ranked in the top 100 crypto artists as of March 2021, having sold over 280 of his artwork as NFT’s, with a total value of over US$900,000.

ARC has spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disability which significantly limits and reduces his strength and dexterity throughout the years. Incredibly, ARC has overcome his disability and uses Blender to create all his artworks.

ARC’s story and vision resonates strongly with BF&A’s mission and value proposition as we strive to reduce existing differences in language, cultures, knowledge and ability, to create lasting financial and generational success to our members.


You can find ARC on:

  • Twitter的 - 白圈
  • Instagram的 - 白圈
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When does the BF&A membership open and close?

Membership subscriptions are open from now until all available NFT’s are sold. 

How do I purchase a BF&A NFT?

Upon reserving your BF&A NFT and approval by the BF&A team, you will be emailed instructions on how to purchase your BF&A NFT when subscriptions open. You can purchase your BF&A NFT via traditional or crypto bank transfer.

Owners can list their BF&A NFT for re-sale on the secondary marketplace.

How will the digital memberships work?

The membership process will run from now until the memberships have all been purchased. During this time BF&A will vet new applicants. Previously vetted members will be able to purchase memberships at different Tiers.


Up to 15 Platinum and up to 50 Family NFTs will be minted and assigned, with each member receiving one NFT redeemable for a collection of membership benefits. 

Will there be future community offerings after this?

Currently, BF&A is not planning future Platinum or Family releases, however you can register to be notified if any future releases are scheduled.

We are intending to auction the Diamond Tier later in 2021. Stay tuned for more info.

What are the different reward tiers?

There are 3 different reward tiers: Diamond, Platinum, and Family

Right now we are only offering the Platinum and Family membership.

We will offer up to 15 Platinum Tier NFTs. Platinum members will redeem a unique set of rewards including:

  • 20% discount on fees charged by BF&A (T&Cs apply).

  • Priority access and allocation on all BF&A hard-to-access investment opportunities,

  • 1-1 meetings and introductions with leading investors, family offices and fund managers in Australia and globally

  • Personalised strategies, insights and analysis of financial allocation and portfolio management, sourced from our unrivalled family office intelligence network

  • Platinum-only events, and all Family-membership events


We will offer up to 50 Family Tier NFTs. Family members will redeem a unique set of rewards including:

  • 10% discount on fees charged directly by BF&A (T&Cs apply)

  • Access and allocation on all BF&A hard-to-access investment opportunities

  • Roundtables and other unique opportunities and introductions to leading investors, family offices and fund managers in Australia and globally

  • Access to key strategies, insights and analysis of financial allocation and portfolio management

How many memberships can I buy?

Each account can purchase a single BF&A membership in the initial period. However, once the initial sale ends, anyone can purchase an many NFTs as you wish from the secondary marketplace.

Each account will need to own a membership in order to take advantage of the membership benefits for that account.

What payments are accepted?

Users can pay via AUD bank transfer or ETH. Details will be sent to vetted members.

Can I transfer my BF&A NFT to my digital wallet?

Yes, you may transfer your NFT to the digital wallet of your choice. Platinum members will receive a private 1-1 training session with our Digital Assets Investment Manager on how to set up their wallet(s) and receive the NFT.

When will NFT transfers be available?

You will be permitted to make transfers once you receive your minted BF&A NFT.

When can I redeem my BF&A NFT for the benefits attached with each class?

Following the minting of the BF&A NFT and delivery to you (via your designated delivery channel), you will be eligible to being receiving all the benefits of the membership.

Proof of your purchase and ownership of the NFT (which is hardwired into the ledger) will be all that is required for you to receive the benefits in different circumstances.

Are there other fees associated with the membership?

There are no other fees for the BF&A membership purchase. The membership entitles each account lifetime access to the benefits.


Part of the primary and secondary market proceeds from the sale of the BF&A NFT will be shared between a group consisting of the artist and BF&A. 

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